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Comparing the Envelopes

Blimpworks Blimps and Airships are made of a very high quality proprietary fabric that is NOT available commercially to other blimp manufacturers. We use a 3.2 oz, 3-ply rip-stop nylon that is made specifically to our rigorous standards. Every square yard of our blimp fabric is quality control tested for consistent fabric weight, tear strength, tensile strength and permeability. Our fabric is NOT a polyurethane film (plastic) that is prone to pinholes and difficult to repair. All Blimpworks blimps can be directly painted. A six to ten year life for a Blimpworks blimp envelope is standard, not the exception.

The Other Guys blimps are made of a 3.5-mil polyurethane film (plastic, like beach ball material). The manufacturing process for 3.5- mil polyurethane fabric results in an abundance of pinholes (very small holes that are difficult to locate from which helium escapes and air is absorbed). This renders quality control for these kind of materials nearly impossible. Continuous maintenance of the vinyl fabric is required as the inflation and deflation of these blimps creates even more pinholes. vinyl blimp envelopes typically need to be replaced every one -two years, compared to 6-10 years with a Blimpworks blimp. With each new envelope, new painting of graphics on the blimp must also be reproduced; really increasing the cost.


Comparing the Helium Loss

The helium loss for a Blimpworks blimp is less than one-tenth of a percent (0.01%) by volume per day. A Blimpworks blimp that is kept inflated throughout a hockey or basketball season will use only 2-3 tanks of helium (beyond the initial inflation of the blimp) for the entire season. Helium costs for a Blimpworks blimp is less than $200 every six months.

The helium loss of a 3.5-mil polyurethane blimp is significant. Usually a full tank or more of helium is required to fill the vinyl envelope every time the blimp is flown. Additional helium must be added frequently during flight on the same day to keep the vinyl blimp aloft. "OTHER" blimps will not stay inflated between hockey and basketball games, let alone an entire season. Helium usage for 3.5-mil Polyurethane blimps can easily be 30 to 40 tanks per season, depending on the blimp, compared to 2-6 tanks, depending on the blimp. The resulting cost would be $2000 to $5000 in helium costs compared to $200 to $500 depending on the size of the blimp.


Comparing the Blimp Electronics, Mechanics, & Flying Features

"Powered by Airworks Enterprises"
Blimpworks Blimps, with Airworks Enterprises
come equipped with the highest quality radios, servomotors, speed controllers and components. The gondola is a molded polystyrene shell that is lightweight and durable. The forward propellers are guarded for complete safety in the front by nylon webbing and shrouded on the sides using a durable polystyrene housing. Complete 360 degree vectoring of the motors allows our blimp to take off straight up in the air, and fly in reverse equally well as flying forward (like a helicopter). Our blimps can actually hover in one position while spinning 360 degrees. Blimpworks blimps DO NOT need forward velocity to turn. A Blimpworks blimp is far more maneuverable than the other lower quality blimps on the market. This enables the pilot to bring the blimp to more fans with greater ease and navigate into all the "nooks and crannies" of your facility. Standard NMH batteries comes with every blimp.

The Other Guys blimps use much lower quality electronics, fragile balsa gondolas, unguarded propellers, under-powered motors, and 1500 or less mah NICd batteries. 180 degree vectoring is standard making the "other" blimps far less able to fly as well or maneuver as effectively in any size venue; particularly venues that have significant airflow from the ventilation systems. Many other blimps use a "tail rudder system" that requires 40 foot wide turning radius.


In Summary, Blimpworks blimps are a quality COMMERCIAL built Indoor and Outdoor airships with our focus on safety, reliability and excellence. The "OTHER" blimps are, at best "HOBBY" quality.