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Coke a Cola and Bud Light blimps over ice rink.

BLIMPWORKS stocks a complete line of accessories for your blimp.


Blimpworks airships Indoor RCblimps.

We offer a selective drop device as standard equipment to drop your favorite hats, t-shirts and coupons and other prizes to the waiting crowd below. Available on the 10' 12' 12exp, 15, 19, 23' Custom Shaped Blimps and all Outdoor Blimps.

Blimpworks airships Outdoor RCblimps. BLIMP CAM
A broadcast-quality video arena screen system with full pan and tilt features for direct links to indoor stadium screens and network television systems. Available for the 15', 19, 23' some Custom Shape Blimps, and Outdoor Blimps.

Blimpworks airships Custom RCblimps. LIGHTS
We feature Internal lighting systems, blinking lights, strobe lights, running lights to make you blimp really flashy. Available for the 10', 12, 12'exp, 15', 19', 23' and some Custom Shape Blimps.

Blimpworks airships Tethered RCblimps. BATTERIES
7.2 V batteries for your Indoor and Outdoor Blimps. Batteries for your transmitter and receivers as well.

Blimpworks airships Tethered RCblimps. BLIMP TRAILERS
Your Blimpworks Blimp can be easily transported to your site in an enclosed trailer.  When on site, the blimp can be moved out with ease and ready to fly. Also a great place for storing your Outdoor and Indoor Blimp. The trailers come in different sizes and can be custom made and design for your uses.

Blimpworks airships Tethered RCblimps. BANNERS
The Blimpworks Banners are one of the best features you can have.  Multiple banners let you display multiple messages with just one advertising blimp! Banner advertising, is perfect for carrying your company's logo for short and long term local or regional promotions. The side of each Blimp is equipped with built in grommets.  Our attachable banners tie right to the blimp.  This gives you a flexibility of changing your message whenever you want.  The colors are vibrant and the banners are durable.

Blimpworks airships Tethered RCblimps. TRANSMITTERS
The newest transmitters on the market today for Indoor and Outdoor RC Blimps.


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