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Cold Air Infatables

Coke a Cola and Bud Light blimps over ice rink.

There’s more to Blimpworks Cold Air Inflatables than unique sizes and shapes. We’re also big on details. Whether it’s the precise details, custom design and special effects or vibrant artwork, a Blimpworks Cold Air Inflatable representing your product, company or character will GET NOTICED. 


Blimpworks airships Indoor RCblimps.

Entrance Tunnels
The world’s most successful and profitable companies, products, events and attractions have trusted Blimpworks to help them attract the "right" kind of attention. Whether you want something simple, complex, classy or fun we are ready to develop a complete inflatable program for you and/or your clients. 

Blimpworks airships Outdoor RCblimps. Promotion Tents
Cold Air Promotion Tentsare great for getting noticed at: Tour Events & Promos, Museums & Movie Theaters, Sports Events & Tournaments, New Product Intros & Sampling, Store Openings & Sales, Concerts, Conventions & Malls, Charity Events & Fundraisers, Parades & Fairs, Theme Parks & Stage Shows, Company Meetings & Parties, Seasonal Sales & Events.

Blimpworks airships Custom RCblimps. Custom Shapes
Portray the quality of your business by working with ours. Our experience and wealth of creative and engineering resources make Blimpworks the first choice for clients ranging from small businesses to the world’s best known theme parks, stage shows and successful companies.

Blimpworks airships Custom RCblimps.
Blimpworks airships Custom RCblimps.