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Custom Shape Remote Control Nylon Blimps

Coke a Cola and Bud Light blimps over ice rink. 

A custom shape remote control nylon blimp is the most spectacular way to advertise your company, product or team.  Aerostar has the largest fleet of custom shaped nylon RC blimps operating today.

Starting with our first shape in 1992, our engineers and artists have perfected the design and engineering process for custom shapes, culminating in blimps like those shown on this page. We can design your custom shape so it can support our broadcast quality video camera system.

On site training is available for and
additional fee.


10' Remax
10' Dome

Custom shapes generally start at 15 feet in length and can reach 28 feet or more, depending upon the design.

All custom shapes can be completely painted and come standard with our selective drop device. Final size is determined by venue elevation above sea level, shape, complexity of design, venue size and design, payload requirements and desired application.

Our art department can create concept renderings for use in proposals and presentations at no charge
(certain restrictions apply).

Each custom shape unit features our tough 3.2 oz urethane coated nylon material, rechargeable batteries, molded polystyrene gondola, battery chargers, transmitters, receivers, 360 degree vectoring motors, guarded prop shrouds, selective drop device, turning motors, inflation hose, repair kit and instructions.


10' Dome
Interchangeable custom fit digitally printed banners are also available..
Recommended venue: arenas 6,000 seats and up
Length and Diameter: varies depending on design
Volume: varies on the size of the design
Net lift: 4-5 lbs.
Fabric: proprietary 3-ply rip-stop nylon aircraft-grade fabric with urethane coating
Base fabric colors: white
Hand Painted Artwork: we can hand paint your logo or artwork directly onto the blimp
Helium loss: less than .01% by volume per day
Banners: two digitally printed contour banners available, 96" long x 35" wide
Selective drop device:
Batteries: Rechargeable Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries and charger included
one year limited on manufacturer's defect