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Aeroblimp 10'

The Aeroblimp 10 is the smallest of our line of rip-stop nylon fabric blimps.

This highly maneuverable remote control blimp offers the same unique flying and advertising capabilities as the larger models but for reduced space venues such as high schools, small arenas, convention centers, theaters or similar sized spaces.

The Aeroblimp 10 comes standard with a selective drop device for dropping coupons, brochures and tickets


10' Remax
10' Dome
The 3-ply, rip-stop nylon fabric hull is paintable. Two digitally printed contour banners are available. 

Recommended venue: arenas 3,500 seats or smaller
Length: 9' 9"
Diameter: 5' 5"
Volume: 165 cu. ft.
Fabric: proprietary 3-ply rip-stop nylon aircraft-grade fabric with urethane coating
Base fabric colors: white
Hand Painted Artwork: we can hand paint your logo or artwork directly onto the blimp
Helium loss: less than .01% by volume per day
Banners: two digitally printed contour banners available, 54" long x 33" wide Selective drop device: included
Batteries: Rechargeable Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries and charger included
one year limited on manufacturer's defect